VR2 Drive Only (60-90A)

Product Family: VR2

VR2 Control System

  • Superb drive control
  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly control panel
  • Flexible and manageable cable
  • Compact Power Module
  • Easy installation onto all types of wheelchair
  • Versatile inhibit inputs
  • On & Off-board charger facilities
  • Field serviceable components

The configuration comprises a compact Power Module and an extremely well styled Joystick Module. These are interconnected by a convenient cable, which can be easily routed and secured, and is equally suitable for both powerbase and folding wheelchair models. The VR2 has raised the bar in drive performance, with superb drive control, particularly at low speeds, on gradients and on front wheel drive applications.

Installation of VR2 is simple and easy; the Joystick Module has the same fixing hole pitch as the newVSI, meaning little or no modifications to armrests.

The Power Modules have the same mounting dimension as an R-net Power Module. Variants of the Power Module are available with R-net type Motor and Battery connectors to aid ease in upgrading of the wheelchair to an R-net system if required.

Product Codes:
VR2 JSM VR2 Joystick Module, drive only
VR2 50 VR2 Power Module, 50A output, drive only
VR2 60 VR2 Power Module, 60A output, drive only
VR2 70 VR2 Power Module, 70A output, drive only
VR2 70-RN VR2 Power Module, 70A output, drive only
VR2 90 VR2 Power Module, 90A output, drive only


UK: 2 381 675 B | 2 390 493 B | 2466804
US: 6, 593, 711, B2

VR2 Drive Only System
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